Steve Cobb
1 min readOct 18, 2022


I'm half black. My white mother suffered from migraines, as do I. Last year I heard about a study showing that reducing the omega-6:3 ratio has beneficial effects:

My experience has strongly confirmed it.

One factor not mentioned in your article here is the fat profile of meat, and how that relates to an animal's diet. It was recently brought to my attention (by @SeedOilDsrspctr on Twitter) that ruminants' foreguts can better convert suboptimal food to vital nutrients. Thus cows, sheep, and goats are safer food sources than pigs and chickens, if you can't be sure about their diets. This article:

shows the effect of pig diet on pork omega-6:3 ratio. In summary:

-Forage-fed: 5.2

-Grain (corn, soy)+forage-fed: 9.9

-Grain-fed: 13.8

-Grocery store: 29.4

Which raises a question: What are they feeding our supermarket pigs?